What is the organ of faith?

Proverbs 3:5

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God has given a pair of organs to your body that take in light and imagery, they behold beauty, you have a pair of them, they sit right about here, they’re called your eyes.

God has given another organ to your body that takes in data, it learns to think about it, and comprehend it, and then use it to make decisions. We call that organ your brain.

The Lord has given us still another important organ to your body, one that pumps blood all throughout the body, it’s made up of two ventricles, and four valves, and it’s attached to a whole system of veins and arteries, and we call that organ your heart.

What is the organ for faith? What is the organ for faith? Now faith isn’t a physical part of your body, but the Bible teaches us to know about faith and it does so by likening faith to an organ of the body. So we read in the Proverbs:

Trust in the Lord [Have faith in the Lord] with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; (Proverbs 3:5)

When the Lord teaches us about faith. He does it by using, among other things, the organ of the heart. To have us learn about what it is to trust or lean entirely on the Lord. Now faith doesn’t have two ventricles and four valves and it’s not connected to veins and arteries that pump physical blood around your body, but knowing about the organ of the heart does help us know something about God given faith.

First of all, just like the heart that sits in your chest cavity and does all kinds of good for your body and life is a gift to you, you didn’t do something to earn it, so also with faith. Faith is gifted. It is gifted to you and to me by God. And secondly just as the heart first receives the life blood of the body into itself and then as it distributes that life blood also then throughout the body, so also with Christian faith. First of all faith receives it passively takes to itself the life blood of Christ. His living and dying and rising again for you and for me. And then the heart of faith pulses that life blood throughout your body and it teaches you to think what is good. And it teaches you to speak and confess what is good and it teaches you to do what is good in God’s eyes and benefit to your neighbor.

Our hearts by their very nature the Lord speaks like this through the prophet as equal our hearts that we are born with are cold, and they are stony, and they are dead toward our neighbor. The Lord says we must have a new heart. And this is exactly what is given to us with faith. A new heart, one that is given the blood of Christ and that then pulses with the blood of Christ that it might be of benefit to our neighbor. Create in me a clean heart, O God. Amen.