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Land of the Living

Today we are excited to share a message about Noah from Pastor Tony Pittenger. Pastor Pittenger is currently serving Bethany Lutheran Church in Port Orchard, WA.

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A Perfect Score

Have you ever gotten a hole-in-one in golf? How about in disc golf? Do you know what God’s standards are? Today we hear from Pastor Matt Moldstad who not only knows what God expects from us, but also how to meet those expectations. Join us.

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The Love of a Mother

The joy of motherhood often overshadows the pains of pregnancy. Jesus uses this as an illustration of our heavenly joy to come. Our time or earth may be filled with sorrow, but in heaven we will remember our anguish no longer.

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Where’s Jesus Now?

Where is Jesus now? Tim Hartwig, Pastor at Peace Lutheran Church, answers this question today, telling us where Jesus is right now and, more importantly, what he is doing for you at this moment.

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