Production: Process and Costs

Production for Peace Devotions is fairly simple and straight forward. Videos are filmed in batches every few weeks. Videos are filmed mostly with Canon DSLs on location. Post production is handled by a single person using the Adobe Creative Suite.

Production Costs

100% of the funding for Peace Devotions goes towards post-production and online scheduling.


Currently, all the production gear is borrowed from members of the ELS and Bethany Lutheran College. While it would be nice to have dedicated gear for this project, video equipment is very costly. Through the generosity of others we’re able to help keep production costs low by only using borrowed gear.

The production team, (typically two, though sometimes three, people) consist of local professionals in the video production field. These videographers volunteer their expertise for a few hours every few weeks to help ensure that good quality sound and video can be recorded at each session. At professional rates filming these videos would be quite costly but we have been blessed with strong Christians who believe in this project and want it to thrive.

The pastors providing the messages currently volunteer their time for this project.

Post-Production & Scheduling

Post-production and distribution is all handled by a single individual. The cost of each video is $175. By industry standards, this is extremely cheap video production.

In post-production the audio is cleaned up and cameras are synced together. The videos are trimmed and edited. B-roll footage (extra footage visualizing what is being talked about) is added. Most of the b-roll we use consist of photos from Adobe Stock, though we film our own whenever we can. Graphics for each bible passage are created and added. Color correction and the addition of background music are added last.

Online distribution includes adding closed captioning for the videos, uploading to both YouTube and Facebook, scheduling posts, writing status updates, cross-posting to other Facebook Pages, transcribing the message for the blog, prepping the email version, creating thumbnails as required, creating an mp3 for the podcast, and tracking the stats for videos posted.

Each video varies on the amount of work required, but most the average video takes around 5-hours of work to go from raw footage to fully posted and scheduled.