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Healed by Jesus

Do you ever feel guilty for something you’ve done? Do you feel burdened by sorrow over your mistakes? Come, be healed by Jesus. He loves you, he forgives you, and he has won for you eternal salvation.

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“Save yourself, and us!”

“Save yourself, and us!” These are the words yelled at Jesus by one of the criminals being crucified alongside him. Join us for a message of peace and forgiveness as Pastor Matt Moldstad shows us how Jesus was indeed saving the people around him, even as he was crucified.

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Words from the Cross 2

Have you ever been rejected? We fear rejection because it hurts. Are you hurting? Are you worried? Uncertain? Today we bring you the comforting words of Jesus. Do you know someone in need of comfort? Share the love of Jesus with them today.

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Words from the Cross 1

What’s your favorite board game? It feels great when the game is going well, but it feels bad when other players make you pay and it can be easy to hold a grudge. Today we join Pastor Tim Hartwig at the foot of the cross to hear Jesus’ words of mercy and forgiveness both for those hurting him and for you.

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Poor, Miserable, Sinners

Ever wonder why we call ourselves “poor, miserable, sinners” at the beginning of our church services? While it may sound quite negative, this is actually quite comforting. Pastor Kyle Madson explains why.

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