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Prayer of the Church

Do you have a healthy diet? How about a healthy prayer diet? Today Pastor Kyle Madson walks us through the Prayer of the Church and the importance of having a balanced prayer life.

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Your Ransom Price

How much are you worth to God? $10? 💰 10 million dollars? Are you worth buying back at all? Are you worth dying for? Would God die for you? Pastor Tim Hartwig knows your ransom price. He knows exactly how much God paid for you. ✝️

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Better One Should Perish

Would you expect Jesus’ enemies to be the ones proclaiming the truth of God’s plan? This Lenten season Pastor Matt Moldstad is showing us some unexpected prophets of the Christ.

Praise God that he is able to use even the evil intents of man for his good purpose.

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God Has Goals Too

1 Timothy 2:4 January’s already over. How are your goals for this year shaping up? Many people have already given up on what they wanted to achieve this year. How are you doing? When we look at our resolutions and...

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