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When God Says “No”

Do you ever wonder if God answered your prayer? Sometimes we pray for things and nothing happens right away, or the trouble goes away for a little bit, but then comes right back. As Christians we can still find peace and joy, even when our prayers are answered with a “no.” Let’s join Pastor Moldstad to learn more.

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Prayer of the Church

Do you have a healthy diet? How about a healthy prayer diet? Today Pastor Kyle Madson walks us through the Prayer of the Church and the importance of having a balanced prayer life.

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What is the Collect?

In our church services we sometimes say a prayer called the Collect. Have you ever wondered why it’s named that? Today Pastor Kyle Madson helps us understand this important prayer.

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Prayer Life

Psalm 119:171 Have you ever wished that your prayer life was more fluent? Came about more easily? Naturally? It’s a natural thing for a Christian to want or desire such a thing, to be more fluent or efficient in prayer....

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Are you Anxious?

Philippians 4:6 Does something have you up late at night, tossing and turning, cold sweats? Something gnawing at your stomach? What has you anxious? Relationship? Health? School? Finances? What are we to do with anxiety? God tells us in Philippians...

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Table Prayer

Psalm 106:1b From little on, I remember our family saying the common table prayer before our meals. Part of that prayer is from Psalm 106 verse 6: Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his mercy endures forever....

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Can we play catch?

Romans 8:15 Is God Too Busy For You? Dad had promised to play catch with his son, yet all week it seemed like he was too busy. Even when he came home from work after supper he’d continually be working...

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