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A Perfect Score

Have you ever gotten a hole-in-one in golf? How about in disc golf? Do you know what God’s standards are? Today we hear from Pastor Matt Moldstad who not only knows what God expects from us, but also how to meet those expectations. Join us.

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Can you resist temptation?

How good are you at resisting temptation? This Holy Week we join Pastor Tim Hartwig in thinking about temptations we have faced and remembering that Jesus has won the victory over sin. It doesn’t depend on us. Thanks be to God!

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Sin is paid for with blood

Hebrews 9:22, 10:4 One way to describe worship in Old Testament times is “bloody.” God required animal sacrifice from his people day in and day out. Bulls, goats, lambs, and other animals were to be sacrificed for the sins of...

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God’s Unchanging Word

Numbers 19:23, Hebrews 13:8 There are many products in our world today that change all the time. Cellphones for instance take your favorite model it seems like there’s a new one coming out every year. There are other products though...

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