Your Deepest, Darkest Secret

Psalm 94:11, Romans 8:26

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What is your deepest, darkest secret? What is something that you’ve never told anyone else in your entire life? It’s perhaps a selfish thought or a narcissistic thought that if people found out they’d think less of you? Maybe it was a thought of lust for someone who is not your spouse. Maybe, in fact, it’s for someone else’s spouse. Maybe it’s a thought of hatred, maybe even wanting someone to die.

There are many secrets that we keep deep inside of our hearts and inside of our heads. Things that no one else ever finds out about. Maybe we think that it’s good that way. Because if people don’t know our thoughts they can think that on the outside we’re a moral and upright and good person. However the Bible tells us in first John chapter 3 that God knows everything. He knows even our thoughts. In fact in Psalm 94 it says this of God:

The Lord knows the thoughts of mankind. (Psalm 94:11)

It’s pretty scary to think about isn’t it? That God knows everything. That he knows even the thoughts going through our minds and in our heads. And we can’t hide even those things from him. It’s terrifying because we know that God is a God of justice and can rightfully condemn us for our sins. So while everyone else thinks that we are good and upright, God knows the real truth. He knows our own deep dark secrets. He knows our hearts.

This fact that God knows everything and there’s a fancy word for this that God is omniscient. The fact that God knows everything even our thoughts can also be extremely comforting for us. What that means is that God knows what we think even without saying the words. And so there’s times maybe when we feel so distraught over the things that we’ve done, we feel the weight and guilt of even thoughts that we’ve had. Sometimes we don’t even want to say them with our own mouth and lips, yet we can bring them before God, we can pray to him, even without saying the words with our mouth. Simply thinking them in our head.

God promises that if we confess our sins to him he is faithful and just will forgive us all unrighteousness. The fact that God knows everything is also comforting for us in this way. You know sometimes our hearts are weighted down with so much pain and suffering. Maybe it’s because of our sins, maybe it’s because of others, maybe it’s simply because of things that have happened in our life or in our world. We maybe don’t even know how to verbalize the pain and suffering we’re going through. Well, God even knows that grief. And even if we can express fully to God what it is and pinpoint that suffering God knows.

In fact in Romans chapter 8 it says this of God the Holy Spirit that

In the same way the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we should pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that are not expressed in words. (Romans 8:26)

Even when we don’t know the words to say to express to God our pain and suffering his Holy Spirit helps us bring those thoughts and cares and prayers to our heavenly Father so that he can help. Yes it’s certainly scary to know that God knows everything even your deepest darkest secrets even your thoughts. But how comforting to know that he hears our prayers even those that we don’t even express with our lips. As we confess our sins to him to know that he forgives us, to know that he is there to help us in time of need. Amen.

Let us pray. Dear God, each of us holds secrets deep in our hearts, secret sins and griefs we hide from the world. Though we can feel so alone and our guilt and pain comfort us that you know all things, help us to continually come before you in prayer. To confess our sins and to reveal the burden of our hearts to you. We trust that you hear us and will help for Jesus sake. Amen.