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The Love of a Mother

The joy of motherhood often overshadows the pains of pregnancy. Jesus uses this as an illustration of our heavenly joy to come. Our time or earth may be filled with sorrow, but in heaven we will remember our anguish no longer.

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What is the Collect?

In our church services we sometimes say a prayer called the Collect. Have you ever wondered why it’s named that? Today Pastor Kyle Madson helps us understand this important prayer.

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Prayer Life

Psalm 119:171 Have you ever wished that your prayer life was more fluent? Came about more easily? Naturally? It’s a natural thing for a Christian to want or desire such a thing, to be more fluent or efficient in prayer....

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Can we play catch?

Romans 8:15 Is God Too Busy For You? Dad had promised to play catch with his son, yet all week it seemed like he was too busy. Even when he came home from work after supper he’d continually be working...

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