What is the Collect?


Psalm 119:37

I have little kids in my house. A number of them in fact and so each day is spent collecting things from around the house that are strewn about. Might be toys or crayons or markers or clothing we gather them all back up again and part of that gathering process, or the collecting, is often weeding out some of the things that maybe don’t need to be collected or need to be put somewhere else because they could be dangerous if I were to leave them in the reach of the little children. They could harm themselves with them.

God gives his church to pray in a similar way. To collect things that are valuable and to ask for things that would be harmful to us to be taken away. So we read in the Psalms

Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things,
And revive me in Your way. (Psalm 119:37)

During the church service one of the prayers is called the Collect. Sometimes it’s called the prayer of the day. And in it we pray in a very kind of pointed and and succinct way for the Lord to direct our eyes and our hearts to the things that he is giving us through the scriptures that are before us that day.

Often we also pray for things that would be harmful to us, our own sins or our misbelief, to be removed from us so that they don’t do harm to our faith. What a gracious and important thing to pray that God would hold before us the good things for life and salvation and take away from us the things that would harm us.

God grant it for Jesus sake, amen.

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