Monthly Archive: February, 2018

Words from the Cross 2

Have you ever been rejected? We fear rejection because it hurts. Are you hurting? Are you worried? Uncertain? Today we bring you the comforting words of Jesus. Do you know someone in need of comfort? Share the love of Jesus with them today.

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Connected to Jesus

Are you connected to Jesus? Do you worry if you’ve done enough, as a Christian to get to heaven? Be of good cheer! Today Pastor Matt Moldstad has a message of peace and good news, specifically for you. What a great way to start the week!

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A Change of Heart

Have you ever changed your mind? Have you ever had a change of heart? Pastor Hartwig tells us how God would have us change our minds, our hearts, and our actions toward him. Share this good news with us today.

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Enter His Gates

Have you ever been allowed into a place that is usually off-limits? Maybe you’ve experienced this in an exclusive club, or with a back-stage pass, or… on Sunday morning at church?

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Words from the Cross 1

What’s your favorite board game? It feels great when the game is going well, but it feels bad when other players make you pay and it can be easy to hold a grudge. Today we join Pastor Tim Hartwig at the foot of the cross to hear Jesus’ words of mercy and forgiveness both for those hurting him and for you.

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Your Sins Forgiven You

In church, why does the Pastor say “Your sins are forgiven”? Does he really have the authority to say that? Pastor Kyle Madson explains the comfort that this part of the church service brings.

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What is True?

Is chocolate good for you or bad for you? Sometimes it seems impossible to know what is really true. What about religion? Is the Bible true? Yes. The Bible is true and today Pastor Hartwig tells how that changes everything.

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Fasting For Lent

Why do some people give things up for Lent? Should you give something up for Lent? Today Pastor Matt Moldstad talks about the custom of “fasting” along with it’s biblical roots, and whether or not you should consider doing it.

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