Monthly Archive: February, 2018

Words from the Cross 1

What’s your favorite board game? It feels great when the game is going well, but it feels bad when other players make you pay and it can be easy to hold a grudge. Today we join Pastor Tim Hartwig at the foot of the cross to hear Jesus’ words of mercy and forgiveness both for those hurting him and for you.

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What is True?

Is chocolate good for you or bad for you? Sometimes it seems impossible to know what is really true. What about religion? Is the Bible true? Yes. The Bible is true and today Pastor Hartwig tells how that changes everything.

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Fasting For Lent

Why do some people give things up for Lent? Should you give something up for Lent? Today Pastor Matt Moldstad talks about the custom of “fasting” along with it’s biblical roots, and whether or not you should consider doing it.

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