Words from the Cross 2

Luke 23:43

At this time of year many juniors and seniors in high school are getting ready for their prom. I don’t know about you, but it was a scary thought to think about asking someone to a dance.

The fear of rejection can be so restrictive. It can burden us and stop us from saying what we really want to say. Have you ever struggled with that thought “will someone like me?”

People struggle with that thought with regards to God. They look at their lives and they see the way that they’ve lived and they’re troubled. Will God reject me?

There was a man that was dying on the cross next to Jesus and he wrestled with those same thoughts. He had lived a sinful life as a criminal and he deserved the death penalty for what he had done, but he wondered “will Jesus reject me? Will he remember me when he comes into his kingdom?”

Jesus had wonderful words for that man and for you and me.

“Amen I tell you: Today you will be with me in paradise.” — Luke 23:43

No matter how great a criminal you have been. No matter how much you deserve for God to reject you in Jesus He loves you.

You are forgiven.

He wants you to be with him in paradise.

Maybe you know someone that needs to hear those words today. Share it. Share the love of Jesus with everyone that you can. Amen.

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