Monthly Archive: March, 2018

It is Finished.

Jesus came down to Earth for a very specific purpose. As he was dying on the cross he wanted YOU to know that his mission was fulfilled. “It is finished.” What was his mission? Pastor Tim Hartwig has the details. Join us today.

This Holy Week we encourage you to spend some time in the Bible. Whether it’s on your own or with people the people you love set aside a few minutes of your day to read God’s Word.

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Can you resist temptation?

How good are you at resisting temptation? This Holy Week we join Pastor Tim Hartwig in thinking about temptations we have faced and remembering that Jesus has won the victory over sin. It doesn’t depend on us. Thanks be to God!

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Riding on a Donkey

The President rides in a limo. Royalty is often pictured riding majestic horses. Yet, Jesus rode on a donkey. As we reflect on the events of Palm Sunday Pastor Tim Hartwig tells us about the significance behind Jesus’ mode of transportation.

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“Save yourself, and us!”

“Save yourself, and us!” These are the words yelled at Jesus by one of the criminals being crucified alongside him. Join us for a message of peace and forgiveness as Pastor Matt Moldstad shows us how Jesus was indeed saving the people around him, even as he was crucified.

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Is Church Practical?

Is church practical? Is it useful? How does church serve us or benefit us? Today Pastor Kyle Madson explains the purpose and the practicality of the Bible readings found in church liturgy.

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“I Thirst”

Jesus pain and suffering on the cross was real. We know this because he was thirsty, his body was exhausted. Because his suffering was real, we can be assured that the forgiveness he purchased for us is also real. Join Pastor Tim Hartwig today for a short message of grace and forgiveness.

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King of the Jews

Was it irony that the sign above Jesus’ head read “King of the Jews” or was it divine providence? Today Pastor Matt Moldstad tells us how Pilate is an unexpected prophet of the Passion.

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Your Ransom Price

How much are you worth to God? $10? 💰 10 million dollars? Are you worth buying back at all? Are you worth dying for? Would God die for you? Pastor Tim Hartwig knows your ransom price. He knows exactly how much God paid for you. ✝️

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