“I Thirst”

John 12:28

In the last decade or so reality TV has been a hit. The thought is that people don’t want to see actors they want to see real life. But how real this reality TV? Reality is certainly twisted by the producers and what they want the people to see, but are they real people are still just actors?

Jesus suffering on the cross was real. Wasn’t acting. Wasn’t twisted by someone else’s perspective. It was real and we see it’s reality in the words that John recorded simply with this:

“I thirst.” (John 12:28)

Jesus was thirsty. His body had undergone real pain and suffering. He was offering a real payment for sin. We’re not surprised when we hear Jesus cry out “I’m thirsty” because his body had gone through an extreme ordeal: flogging and crucifixion, but the real suffering that Jesus underwent was for our sins.

When he cries out I am thirsty he is telling us that he has really paid what our sins deserve so that we can be forgiven. Why was Jesus willing to suffer that much for you and me? Because he thirsted. He thirsted for us to be saved. He longed for us to be with him in heaven.

I am thirsty.

He was telling you that he is human, and God, and that he loves you. Amen.

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