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Ash Wednesday

What’s up with ashes on foreheads? Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the Lent and Pastor Tim Hartwig tells us what Lent is all about.

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Nathan’s Story

A rich man kills a poor man’s lamb to feed his guest. How does the king respond? And how does this apply to you, today? Pastor Tim Hartwig brings a message of sin and forgiveness.

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Dealing with Guilt

2 Corinthians 7:10 Do you ever feel terrible for something that you’ve done? Maybe you gossiped and later realized how hurtful your words were. Maybe you lied and later realized how could I be that person? How could I have...

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Why Go to Church?

Romans 3:22-24 “You just think you’re better than everyone else.” That’s what a man told me when I was talking to him about going to church. He thought that Christianity teaches that a person gets to heaven by being good....

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The Stain of Sin

1 John 1:7b For about three years I worked in underground mines. Boy that can be dirty work. My last job was a driller and often I would come up from underground almost pure black. The oil was so thick...

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The Guilt of Sin

Psalm 32:5 I was having something like a pillow fight with my younger brother and sister we’d done it many times but this was different this time when I hit my sister in the back of the head, she pitched...

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What Would Jesus Do?

Romans 7:19-20,24-25 There was a slogan that was around and very common when I was young: WWJD. It was on bracelets and t-shirts and bumper stickers. WWJD: what would Jesus do? I think the idea behind the slogan was an...

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