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Better One Should Perish

Would you expect Jesus’ enemies to be the ones proclaiming the truth of God’s plan? This Lenten season Pastor Matt Moldstad is showing us some unexpected prophets of the Christ.

Praise God that he is able to use even the evil intents of man for his good purpose.


What’s up with the Wise Men?

Isaiah 49:6 What’s up with the wise men? Around this time of year we see a lot of nativity scenes and of course there’s Mary and Joseph, and the baby, also some shepherds and some sheep, and some cattle thrown...


Hold on To Jesus

Luke 2:28-32 How would you respond if you saw the baby Jesus? What would you do? When Jesus’ parents Mary and Joseph took him to the temple there was a man waiting there to see him. His name was Simeon....


Are You Going to Heaven?

Acts 16:31, 1 John 5:13 Years ago there was an evangelism program that encouraged Christians to ask their neighbor: ‘If you were to die today, would you go to heaven?’ How would you respond to that question? Even the most...


Martin Luther’s Troubled Conscience

Romans 3:23-24 If there ever was a devoted monk it certainly was Martin Luther. He dedicated his life to God and to the church. He would spend hours meditating and in prayer. He would actually beat himself to show God...