Better One Should Perish

John 11:49-50, 1 Timothy 2:5-6

During this Lenten season we are considering some unexpected prophets. Men of evil intent who God used to speak the truth concerning his plan of salvation.

Soon following Jesus raising of Lazarus from the dead the Jewish leaders got together to discuss what to do with this threat. They felt that Jesus was gathering a group of people around him, they were worried what the outcome would be.

We hear in God’s Word in John chapter 11 Caiaphas the high priest says this

“You know nothing at all. You do not even consider that it is better for us that one man die for the people than that the whole nation perish.” – John 11:49-50

It appears that Caiaphas was arguing that it was better to try to put Jesus to death. Whether or not he was innocent it didn’t matter. They needed to kill this threat in order to spare the people because they feared that if Jesus started a revolt the Romans would take action against them and so it was better that one man died than the rest of the nation perish.

Even though Caiaphas spoke these words with evil intent God was testifying through him to the truth of his plan of salvation. That yes, one would die for the sins of the people. That they not perish forever in the fires of hell, but through him have forgiveness of sins and eternal life.

The Apostle Paul writes in first Timothy chapter 2 beginning at verse 5

Christ Jesus, gave himself as a ransom for all. – 1 Timothy 2:5-6

This tells us plainly that it wasn’t simply because of evil men wanting to put Jesus to death that he was killed, but Jesus gave his life, gave himself willingly over to these wicked men as a ransom for all. To carry out God’s incredible plan of salvation that though the one man would perish the many would be spared and saved.

Thanks be to God for working even in this way, amen.

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