It is Finished.

John 19:30

My wife is a list writer. Everyday she sits down and writes the things that she wants to get done for the day. During the day as she accomplishes those tasks she crosses them off the list. She has great satisfaction at the end of the day if she can cross the final thing off.

Are you a list writer? It’s possible Jesus was. On the cross he cried out “it is finished.” The last thing was crossed off his list. Everything that he had to do to save us from our sins was complete. He had lived a perfect life and he was about to die the death that our sins deserve but he wanted you to know that all of your sins were paid for.

It is finished.

Your sins are forgiven and Jesus has made that payment for you. As you go about your days, making your lists, wanting to achieve your tasks, make sure Jesus is on that list. Take time to sit at his feet and hear of how much he loves you and that he has forgiven all of your sins. Amen.

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