Into Your Hands I Commit My Spirit

Luke 23:46

When I die I want to go like my grandfather did, at peace and asleep, and not terrified and screaming like the three passengers in his car.

We can make jokes about the most serious things, and yet wouldn’t we all like to die at peace? But how is that possible? The last words that Jesus spoke from the cross were these

“Father, into your hands I commit my spirit!” (Luke 23:46)

Jesus died at peace. It shouldn’t really be a surprise to us because he never ever did anything that would anger his father in heaven. He lived a perfect life and so he can say “father into your hands I commit my spirit.”

Would you be able to say the same thing? How have you lived? When God the Father looks at what you have done will he be pleased with you? Will you be able to say “father into your hands I commit my spirit”?

Well you can die at peace just as Jesus did when you believe that Jesus lived for you. By faith God has transferred Jesus’ record to you. His perfect life is yours so you can look at Jesus and see that your sins are covered and when death comes you can pray the same prayer that Jesus did. Father into your hands I commit my spirit.

God the Father will take you, he will take your spirit to be with him in heaven forever. See you can die at peace because Jesus has lived and died for you. Amen.

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