How far would you go?

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Luke 2:11

How far would you be willing to go to show someone that you love them?

In 1972 Charlie Duke was driving the lunar rover when he stopped, jumped out, and placed a picture of his family on the surface of the Moon. Then with his foot next to the picture he snapped another picture. When he got back to earth he had that photo developed and gave it to his family.

From then on they could never look at the moon the same way again, because Charlie had traveled all the way from the earth to the moon and back again to show them that he loved them.

Jesus came from heaven to earth and back again to show you that he loves you. The angel said to the Shepherd’s:

Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord. —Luke 2:11

Christmas is really about celebrating how far God was willing to go for us. That God Himself gave up heavenly glory and came to earth to be our Savior. Not because we deserved it, but simply because he chose to love us.

As the nails were driven through his hands and as he breathed his last on the cross he was showing us the full extent of his love for us. Jesus does love you.

He has paid for all of your sins and he wants you to know his love. So he came from heaven to earth and back again so that you could know it.

God bless your christmas season so that you grow in your understanding of just how much God is willing to do to show his love for you. That he loves even sinners just like you. Amen.