Born Holy

Every time I’ve held one of my newborn babies in my arms for the first time I’ve just been filled with awe. You look down at those cute eyes and you see those little fingers and it’s just amazing what God has done.

How do you think Joseph and Mary felt the first time they held the baby Jesus in their arms?

God had done a tremendous miracle in the conception of Jesus. Mary and Joseph knew that Jesus wasn’t conceived in a normal way, but miraculously by the Holy Spirit.

God did this, not to show off, not to show us the amazing things he could do, he did it because it was necessary. It was necessary because if Jesus was conceived in a normal way, like every other child, like you, then he would have been sinful, but to be the Messiah Jesus had to be born in this miraculous way so that he would be born holy.

Again, God isn’t just showing off that he could cause a child to be born holy, no he was doing it for you. Jesus had to be holy to be able to bear your sins.

If he was just a normal person, sinful, he could not make satisfaction for your sins and for the sins of the world. So God did this miracle of causing the Virgin Mary to conceive and give birth to a son so that he could take away all of your sins.

At Christmastime we not only celebrate the wondrous birth of Jesus we celebrate what it means Jesus was born of the Virgin to be your Savior.

May God bless your Christmas season as you contemplate the miraculous birth of Jesus so that you see him as the holy one who is born to take away your sins. Amen.

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