What are You Searching For?

John 12:21

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You’re searching right now. What are you searching for? Recently someone told me that the average American is swiping on their screen the height of the Eiffel Tower each day. Searching, looking, hunting. What are you searching for?

At one time some people came to one of the disciples, Philip, and said in John chapter 12.

Sir, we would see Jesus. (John 12:21)

They were searching for Jesus. See, they knew that they were sinners and that he was the Savior. They wanted to see him with their own eyes so they searched. Then they asked until they found him.

Are you searching for Jesus? If you a sinner, he is paid for all of your sins. He lived and died for you so that you can be with him in heaven so that your search is over.

Tonight as you lay your head on the pillow know that your search is over. You have found your Savior Jesus the Christ. Amen.