Your Credit With God

Romans 5:20

It was so embarrassing. I was standing there in the checkout line, swipe my card, declined. Swiped again. Declined. I couldn’t believe it. I knew that there was plenty of credit on that card but swipe, swipe, swipe: declined. I didn’t know what was going on it was so embarrassing. Can I use another card?

Have you ever had that same experience? Maybe your fear was justified. You knew your card was near the limit. Sometimes I’ve wondered how great our credit limit is with God. Just think. There have been billions of people throughout time coming to God for credit for forgiveness, swiping their spiritual card, time and time again.

Are you ever worried that God’s going to say to you: declined? That sin is just too great. You’ve just messed up too badly this time, declined. No more forgiveness for you.

What great words of comfort God has for us in Romans chapter 5. It says

But where sin increased, grace overflowed much more. (Romans 5:20)

Where sin increased, grace overflowed much more. No matter how great your sins are, God’s grace is greatest still. Jesus has offered a payment greater than your sins and so God can and will always forgive you. You never have to worry that God is going to run out of grace. Where your sins increased God’s grace increased all the more. Jesus is a greater Savior then you are a sinner. So keep coming to him. Keep begging for his forgiveness and keep hearing his words. Of yes. I forgive you in Jesus. Amen.

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