Jesus Loves Me

John 3:16

About a year ago I was out visiting one of our homebound members who is nearly 90 years old. This fellow wasn’t like an average ordinary homebound member. He was one who had served for many years as a pastor in the church. Even a teacher at our seminary and at our college as well.

In fact he had received an honorary doctorate degree for his great wisdom and knowledge. But now in the latter years of his life he had been afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease. As I thought about this I thought how sad. How could God do this how could he afflict him with this? One that had served him so many years in so many capacities.

Yet I was dumbfounded as we sat down for our devotion as I shared with him God’s Word and then decided to sing a simple song with him. A simple song that he was able to sing word for word in its entirety. Jesus Loves Me This I know for the Bible Tells Me So.

And it struck me that God had preserved this knowledge of his Savior in his heart. That faith was there. That God was still keeping him strong in his faith, knowing that simple message that: Jesus Loves Me This I know for the Bible Tells Me So. It’s really the simple message that we see in that very familiar verse John three sixteen

For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16)

For all the great wisdom and knowledge that we can acquire in this world. What is most important? Isn’t it knowing that simple message that Jesus Christ has died on the cross for us that he has paid for our sins and through Him we have everlasting life? Yes, treasure that simple message, never forgetting Jesus Loves Me This I know for the Bible Tells Me So. Amen.

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