Jesus Loves You

Revelation 1:5

When I was serving a church down in the Orlando area I remember going to the local hospital to visit my members who were sick. It was always a struggle to find a parking place. It was usually jam packed, but as always a welcome sight to see a golf cart heading my way.

They had volunteers there at the hospital that would pick people up from the car and bring them back to the entrance of the hospital. There’s one individual in particular, one volunteer, that always stuck out in my mind. He was a jolly old fellow with a big white beard. Kind of reminded me of Santa Claus a little bit.

But I think the thing that stuck out to me the most was what he would say to me every time I hopped out of his cart. He always ended our conversation in the same way always ended like this:

Always remember: Jesus loves you.

And it’s true isn’t it. Says in Revelation chapter 1 verse 5 it tells us about Christ describes him as the one

“Who loved us and freed us from our sins by his own blood.” (Revelation 1:5)

Yes, Jesus loves you. Jesus loves you despite your sin, Jesus loves you despite the way people might think about you, or the way you might think about yourself. He loves you and he loved you so much that he shed his blood to free you from the guilt of your sin, you are loved by Christ.

I always like to think that that man told every person that rode in his cart at that exact same thing, not just me a pastor, but everyone.

Always remember: Jesus loves you.

I think he did it because he wanted to change people’s day. To have them sit and think and remember that they are loved by Christ and it does change us. Doesn’t just change our day really changes our life to know that we are loved by Jesus. Yes always remember Jesus loves you. Amen.

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