Don’t Miss the Main Point

Luke 5:17-26

Every evening my family likes to read a children’s devotion book right after supper. One of our favorite books is this one I have here, Read With Me Bible.

Reading one of the stories though I was quite shocked at a big detail that was overlooked in the children’s version. And here’s a story.

A man who could not walk. One day Jesus was teaching some men came carrying a man who could not walk. But they could not get him close to Jesus because the crowd they made a hole in the roof above Jesus. Then they lowered the man threw it on a mat. They lowered him in the middle of the crowd right in front of Jesus. When Jesus saw they had faith he said to the man who could not walk. “Get up take your mat and go home.” Right away the man stood up. He took his mat and went home praising God. All the people were amazed. They praised God and said “we have never seen anything like this.” (Luke 5:17-26, paraphrased)

I was shocked. They had over looked the biggest part of the entire story. It overlooked Jesus words the man.

“Son, your sins are forgiven.”

It was the reason he even performed the miracle to prove to the crowd that he had the power to forgive sins.

Certainly Jesus miracles are impressive. Weather is changing water into wine, whether it’s feeding thousands of people, whether it’s calming storms raising people from the dead, and so much more. Let’s not overlook the main point. His miracles reveal him as God and more important as our Savior the one who can and does forgive our sins. Amen.

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