A Great Light

Isaiah 9:2

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The Oak Island lighthouse is the brightest lighthouse in the United States. 14 million candlepower.

It can be seen at over 20 miles out to sea. Sailors moving up and down the coast by that lighthouse are warned of danger, but they’re also shown something else.

Each lighthouse has a unique signal. The light stays on for a certain amount of time and then goes off for a certain amount of time so that sailors can know exactly where they are according to the lighthouse.

Jesus is also a bright light that has come into the world so that we can be warned of danger and know exactly where we are. In the Book of Isaiah it says:

The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned. –Isaiah 9:2

Jesus came into this world to be a great light for you. So that you in this dark and sinful world could be warned of danger and guided to heaven. We need Jesus’ light. The reality is that this world is dark and we ourselves are dark. We’re stumbling around in our sins trying to find the way to heaven and failing.

But Jesus shines his light on us so that we see our sin and see that he is the only Savior from sin. That he was born to be that Savior so that we could make it safely to heaven.

So let Jesus’ light shine on you. See your sin and see your Savior this Christmas. Amen.