Soft Tissue in Dino Bones

Psalm 14:1

Evolutionists should be going wild. Soft tissue has been found in dinosaur bones. The first was in a t-rex in 2005. The t-rex was supposedly dead for 68 million years and yet they’re in the bones were red blood cells and soft tissue.

How is it possible that red blood cells and soft tissue could exist for 68 million years out in the wild? It’s not. That t-rex wasn’t dead for 68 million years.

The pillar of evolution is that there is indefinite time time to make changes gradually. That time has never been there.

What the Bible says about our origins and creation is true. If evolution is false then the only other option on the table is that God created us.

In Psalm 14 verse 1 we read:

The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” – Psalm 14:1

God doesn’t want you to be found foolish. He wants you to know that he exists. That he made you and far more: that he redeemed you. He loved you so much that he himself came in the flesh to live and die for you so that you were forgiven.

See God doesn’t just want you living here on this earth, he wants you living with him in heaven forever.

So the scientific community should be wild with this news: soft tissue of dinosaurs found.

And we should be wild with the news, because it shows us that there is a God who made us. And he loved us so much that he paid for us with his own blood.

May this scientific news and this good news of the gospel give you a joyous day. Amen.

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