Give Me Your Heart


Proverbs 23:26

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Proverbs 23:26, says

My son, give me your heart. (Proverbs 23:26)

God wants you to give him your heart, what does that mean? What does it mean to give someone your heart? Well, putting your heart into something that usually means that you are going to give more than just lip service, you’re going to be dedicated to something, you’re going to expend energy and put time into something that you’re going to do so happily, joyfully, because your heart is in it.

Story is told of a little girl who went up to her father and asked, Daddy, what does it mean to give your heart to God? How do you do that? And why should I give my heart to God? The father then turned to his daughter and said, “Do trust me? I want you to go and get your piggy bank and bring it to me.” And so the little girl went and she got her piggy bank, she brought it back to her father. He left the room for a few moments and then he came back and he handed that piggy bank, which had been nearly empty, back to his daughter. It was now full of coins and money. And he said, “this is what happens when you give your heart to God. When you trust him and you give your heart to him, he takes your heart, but he returns it to you full of all the treasures of Jesus.”

It’s not a fearful thing for us to give our hearts to God. It’s not something that we do under threat. Instead, it’s something that we can do happily and joyfully trusting that God will take our hearts and he will fill it and give it back to us again. If we were to give our hearts instead to the world, well, what does the world do? It tries to fill our hearts with all sorts of gloom and despair, with fears and doubts. Satan loves to take that kind of heart from the world and use it as his own personal punching bag.

But when we come to the Lord and we turn and trust and we give our heart over to the Lord, he is happy to fill it with with pardon and peace, with light and love. Give your heart to God. That’s no problem. In fact, we can trust him. He cares about that heart, he wants to fill your heart with all the treasures that belong to him. He wants your heart to be full of peace and eternal optimism because it is a heart that knows that it has a place with God forever in heaven.

And we can give our hearts happily over to God, like that little girl who trusted her father with her piggy bank, we can trust God with our hearts. We know that he cares about that heart. And we also know his dedication and the energy that he puts into us when we consider his heart. We see that in the work of his Son, our Lord Jesus, who willingly came into this world, who put his heart into us to win our salvation for us. The lengths that he went in order to win our forgiveness, living for us, dying upon the cross, rising from the tomb, there can be no doubt about the heart of our Lord Jesus, the heart that he has for us.

And when we know the heart that God has towards us, that encourages us to happily hand our hearts over to him, trusting him to fill our hearts with his Peace.

Oh, Lord, take our hearts and fill them with your love. Amen. God’s peace be with you.