Imprinted On My Heart


Psalm 119:11

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Some of you grew up in the exciting days of the race to space. When the USSR and the United States were on a race to see you could put a man on the moon first. We don’t race too many people into space anymore. However we do receive all kinds of imagery now from space of our own planet where we live here and now.

One of the most fascinating images I’ve seen from the space satellites to the Earth are of the old Roman roadways, specifically in England, that are visible from sixty five thousand miles from us here. Roadways that are visible from sixty five thousand miles away.

We lay road surfaces on the earth. Those roadways are so engraved into the face of the earth that they’re visible from that distance away. Think of that.

Music that is paired with words has a similar exercise or ability in our lives to make something a fabric of us even when we’re not able to see it right in front of us. When the Christian church pairs music with the words and promises of God it’s after a similar exercise to make something so deeply ingrained that we might not even notice it at all times or in every place.

The words of the Psalmist encourage this exercise.

I have hidden your word in my heart. (Psalm 119:11)

When the Christian church pairs then words and promises of God to music. The music is in service to the words. The music is not the headliner it’s not for the sake of itself but rather we use the music to help emblazon and engrave those saving and promising words of God’s love to us in Christ Jesus and to bury them so deeply that they might even be hidden, hidden sometimes in plain sight. We might not always notice them, but that they would be there for us when we are in great joy, when we are in great distress, maybe even on our dying bed that the words and the gracious promises of God might be hidden and stored away in our hearts.

One hymn text comes immediately to mind. On my heart imprint thine image, O Lord. And then the hymn writer says and this the super scripture in this that great headline be Jesus Crucified For Me. In the name of Jesus. Amen.