The Grace of God has Appeared

Titus 2:11

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St. Paul wrote to Titus.

For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all people.

Notice what Paul said: ‘the grace of God has appeared.’ He didn’t say ‘the righteousness of God’ or ‘the justice of God’ has appeared. That would strike us with terror. In fact whenever God appeared in the Old Testament the immediate response of people was fear. Dead terror. That is what the righteousness and justice of God produces.

It does so because we’re sinful. We know that we are far from perfect. We are corrupt to the core and deserve God’s wrath and punishment, but thankfully God’s grace has appeared.

Grace means undeserved love. God doesn’t treat us as we deserve but treats us according to his love. Paul is referring to Jesus. That the grace of God has appeared. The grace of God was earned by Jesus. God treats us not as we deserve, but as Jesus deserves.

Because of Jesus God loves us, forgives us, and desires to work all things for our good. He brings salvation to all people and that means to you. Jesus has appeared so that you can know God loves you. Jesus has appeared so that your sins could be taken away. Jesus has appeared so that you can have the hope of eternal life.

May God’s grace be evident to you. It is evident in Jesus your Savior, amen.