Deliver Us From Evil (The Lord’s Prayer, Part 8)


Matthew 6:13b

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Palm Sunday is on its way. That’s the day in the gospel records where Jesus is recorded as riding into Jerusalem with all the pomp and circumstance of the people. We remember the day fondly we usually think of that day as a single day on the calendar.

Yet in the Lord’s Prayer we have given to us a Palm Sunday you might say, or it’s prayer, and it happens every time we pray the Lord’s Prayer. Those people, all excited and in the crowd, they pray simply Hosanna. That is, save us. Save us now. Save us urgently, they pray. And when Jesus gives us to pray in the Lord’s Prayer: Deliver Us From Evil, it’s really like a little Palm Sunday prayer right in the middle of that Lord’s Prayer.

We pray deliver us because we can’t deliver ourselves. We are as incapable of delivering ourselves as the mail is incapable of delivering itself to our boxes. We pray Deliver Us From Evil. That is deliver us from threats to our body. Threats of illness or of injury deliver us from threats of our property that it might be destroyed in tragedy or taken in a robbery. We pray that he would deliver us from dishonor that our reputations might be dragged through the mud. Finally we pray, deliver us from the one who is evil, from death, and the power of damnation. That he’d deliver us in the blood of his Son by taking us from this valley of tears to the summit of salvation to his eternal presence.

A little Palm Sunday right in the middle of the Lord’s Prayer. Deliver us from evil Amen.