Would you be happier sinning?

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Have you ever thought to yourself I’d sure be a lot more happy if only I wasn’t a Christian?

Sometimes we can think of all the rules and commandments of Christianity and think that they subtract from our life and from our happiness, but is that really the case? Would we really be happier sinning? We consider the life of sin or sinful pleasure that is often seems appealing to us, would it really be better to engage in sexual promiscuity or use illicit drugs or maybe a life of crime or doing and saying whatever we felt like all the time to anyone in our life? Maybe those things might bring a little bit of sinful pleasure for a while, but it certainly isn’t going to bring us lasting happiness in our life.

There was once a father and his son walking down the aisle of a large Cathedral when the young boy looked up and said to his dad “dad what’s that plus sign in the front of the church?” He was referring to the cross. It’s kind of a strange way to think of the cross, but it’s true, right? That Jesus and what he has done for us is a plus not a minus in our lives. That Jesus and what he has done for us brings us true happiness as we know our sins are forgiven as we know the eternal joys that are ours through him. We also know of our incredible purpose in this life.

All of these things bring extreme happiness to us. So don’t think of Christianity as a negative or a subtraction sign, but only a plus. In Christ, amen.