Poor, Miserable, Sinners


Luke 19:10

If a person dwells on negative things they might be called a Debbie downer. Or maybe somebody would call them an Eyore. You know, the impossibly negative character from Winnie the Pooh.

If someone is a visitor to one of our lutheran worship services they might get a similar impression. We’ve hardly begun the gathering of worship and all of a sudden we’re talking about ourselves as if we are poor, and as if we’re miserable, sinners.

What’s the deal?

Why so down?

What’s compelling such negative talk?

Well, it’s really two things. First of all it’s simply a confession that means we are simply saying what has been said already. What has been said by God about who we are by our very nature. That we are poor, we have nothing to offer God that he will be pleased with, pleased enough that he would call us his own. We are miserable according to our sins and the guilt that comes with them.

But secondly we say such things because of what Jesus himself says. We call ourselves sinners, lost ones, but we do it boldly, we can do it confidently, because that makes us one for whom Jesus has come. One who is lost, but found by Christ by his work in our place, living, and dying, and rising again.

And so we confess. We confess our sin and we do so boldly, knowing that makes us Jesus’ own children. Amen.

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