The Hem of Jesus’ Robe

Luke 8:48

Jesus had reached almost rockstar status. Wherever he traveled a crowd was around him even pushing up against him and touching him.

One day there was a woman in that crowd who really wanted to touch Jesus. She had a terrible illness in which she’d been bleeding for 12 years. She thought “if I can just touch the hem of his robe I’ll be better,” so in that milling crowd she worked closer and closer to Jesus until finally she touched the hem and was healed.

Jesus felt the power going out of him and said to his disciples “who touched me?”

They said “Lord look at all the people around you, pushing against you and you say ‘who touched me?'”

Jesus told them that he had felt healing power go out of him. When the woman realized that Jesus had sensed the healing, she came to him and told him why she touched him and what she had done. Jesus looked down at her and responded

“Daughter, your faith has saved you. Go in peace.” —Luke 8:48

Even touching the hem of Jesus clothing brought the healing that this woman so desperately desired.

Why did Jesus let that power go out of him into her? It’s because he loved her. He came to heal her and not just of her illness, but especially of her sin. So she came to the right man, she came to the person that could truly help her in body and in soul and he can do that because he’s the son of God in flesh.

Jesus has come for you also. You can go to him in prayer and be assured that he will hear your requests and heal you. But most importantly he will heal you of your sins so come to him and find the healing that you need and desire. Amen.

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