Where has all the good news gone?

Matthew 24:7-8

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Has all the good news disappeared? Is there only bad news left for us to hear? Wars, famine, riots, hatred, racism, disease, and pestilence. Where is the good news gone? Should we be surprised? Well, Jesus in Matthew 24 tells us

Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. But all these things are only the beginning of birth pains. (Matthew 24: 7-8)

Jesus very clearly tells us that our lives are going to be full of war and pestilence and sickness and hatred and death. That from life in this world there is a lot of bad news. In fact, at one point Jesus said in this life you will have trouble. That’s a little depressing. To think of a life just full of trouble. Struggle and hardship.

Jesus also said take heart, I’ve overcome the world. So we should not be surprised that there is bad news in this life. Because our world is corrupted by sin. We see evidence of that in our own life, our own body. We get sick. We do the wrong thing. We hurt the people around us. We are hateful to those around us. So should we be surprised when we see it in others? And the world at large?

And because of that hatred and those sins the really bad news is we deserve to suffer and die in hell. But there is good news. There is very good news because God has intervened. God sent His Son to suffer and die in payment for humanity’s sins. So that the whole world could be declared righteous in Jesus.

The good news is that your sins have been paid for. Everything that you have failed to do and everything that you have done that you should not have done. Has all been forgiven. God loves you and wants for you to be with him in heaven. So the good news is your sins are paid for. The good news is there is a place for you in heaven purchased by Jesus your Savior.

So trust Jesus when you hear the bad news trust that Jesus is working for your good. When you think about your own bad news, remember that Jesus loves you and has forgiven you. Keep your eyes on Jesus and the good news that only he can give you and then your life will be full of peace. Amen.