Start with the Gospel of John


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Sometimes people will ask me about where they should start if they want to read the Bible. I know a lot of people think that they should read it cover to cover starting at Genesis and reading all the way through to the book of Revelation. Oftentimes, people who try that will tell me they got partway through, but just couldn’t slug through the Old Testament.

The Old Testament is difficult to read through because it’s a lot of history, important history, but still a lot of difficult names and it’s hard for people to understand.

So this is what I tell people. Start with the Gospel of John. John was what we might say a simple fisherman. And he wrote in very simple everyday language. Life and death, light and darkness, bread, water. Things that we understand and are familiar with.

But with that simple language John conveys the deep mysteries of God. That Jesus is the Son of God in human flesh. That Jesus took upon himself our sins and suffered and died in our place.

So if you’re wondering where to start, start with John. Let his simple language and yet deeply profound language teach you of the mysteries of God. So tonight for you go to bed, take the opportunity to go to the Gospel of John. And just read in that simple everyday language about how God loves you and sent his Son to live and die in your place. Then you will be convinced that you will one day be in heaven.

Peace be with you, amen.