Proof of Purchase


Matthew 28:6

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Have you ever set off one of the alarms, an anti theft device, at a store? Hopefully you weren’t stealing anything. There was a whole month when I was a teenager where I set off every alarm at every store I walked into and tried walking out. I had no idea why. Finally, I discovered that in a hidden pocket in a wallet that had been given to me was one of those anti theft devices that hadn’t been deactivated.

When those alarms go off the store clerk comes over and he asks you to prove that you’re leaving the store with things that you purchased. Things that belonged to you. What do you show him? Don’t you show him this? Show him a receipt. The receipt is proof that the things you have have been rightly purchased.

As Christians we know that our Lord Jesus has purchased us. He lived for us in our place, a holy perfect life, he earned righteousness that now covers us, our sins, they’ve been taken off of us they were placed upon him on the cross. He paid for them all in full. So that now as Christians we know that we can be leaving behind the despair of hell, the captivity of the devil, but as we are leaving the alarms are suddenly going off. They’re blaring. And Satan comes running up to us and he asks where do you think you’re going?

Well we have a receipt. We have something that we can wave in front of his face and say “I know that I have been purchased. I can walk out of here in spite of these alarms because my sins have been paid for. And I know it, I have proof of purchase. I have a receipt in the open and empty tomb of Jesus Christ.”

Jesus has risen from the dead. As we hear in Matthew 28 verse 6.

He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay. (Matthew 28:6)

Because our Lord Jesus lives we know that God has stamped proof of purchase upon us. Everything that Jesus did for us counts. Everything that Jesus did for us is good. God counts it now for us we have nothing to worry about. Even in this world of present tension, even this world of uncertainty, where so many people are afraid, we can wave that receipt of Easter, that open and empty tomb, in front of the devil, and we can laugh in his face.

We don’t belong to you devil. We don’t belong with you in the despair and darkness and hopelessness of hell. We belong in the light with God. He loves us. We are at peace with him.

As you go through your day remember that receipt. Remember the fact that Jesus lives. He is alive right now. He is watching over us even in these uncertain times. He is going to continue to be with us and bless us as his people. And we find great assurance in that.

We pray, Heavenly Father be with us. Grant us the peace and certainty and assurance that eternal life is ours. Grant us peace in this world by knowing that our Lord Jesus is risen from the dead. Amen.