A Stone-faced Savior


Luke 9:51

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Have you ever been to Mount Rushmore to see the faces set in stone? My family and I were just there this past summer. I had seen it many times in pictures, but never in person. It seems fitting that the faces of those four men are set in stone. Four men, three of whom were very important in leading our country, our nation, through tumultuous and soul trying wars. They needed stone set faces to see themselves and those they led through very difficult and trying times.

Lent is also a season for us to behold or to look on one with a stone set face. St. Luke describes Jesus in similar terms.

Jesus set his face toward Jerusalem. (Luke 9:51)

Jesus set his face toward Jerusalem. Like stone Jesus could not be wavered or distracted from that work for which his father sent him. To fill up the holy will of his father, obeying all His laws with perfect precision in our place, and then taking that perfect holy life to the cross where he would pay the penalty for the sins of all people. Your sins, my sins. What a gracious stone set face we behold in Jesus.

I encourage you if they’re available in your local congregation, make time for midweek Lenten services with your family, your loved ones. There you will have your eyes drawn to the stone set face of Christ, your Savior, and your ears will be filled with the good news of the work he has accomplished in your place. Believe this for Jesus sake, amen.