Healed by Jesus

Luke 8:35

There was one occasion during Jesus ministry where he crossed over the Sea of Galilee and there he healed a man who was demon-possessed. In fact the name of the demon was Legion because many demons had gone into that man. Jesus drove out the demons and radically transformed this man’s life. His life had been in a shambles we read

People went out to see what had happened. They came to Jesus and found the man from whom the demons had gone out, sitting at Jesus’ feet. He was clothed and in his right mind, and the people were afraid. (Luke 8:35)

They saw the radical transformation that Jesus had had upon this man. Think of what this man could now do. He could go and eat a decent meal, he could go and get a job, he could return to a normal lifestyle. But let’s not pass over what he actually does here. The phrase “he was sitting at the feet of Jesus.” This is a key phrase, it’s often employed in the New Testament, in the Gospels, to refer to somebody who’s been a student of Jesus. Jesus the teacher instructing them. This was a priority for this man, even at this amazing time where he had all of these opportunities ahead of him.

You and I may have experienced having a broken life in the past and know how wonderful it is to have been healed by Jesus. Perhaps it wasn’t having a demon removed from us, but having that burden of guilt of sin removed from our shoulders through Jesus life his death his resurrection. Knowing that freedom in the new life we now have through our baptism, think of all of the things that we could do now with this new life, this life of privilege.

But here we learn that one of our great priorities should be sitting at Jesus feet. And one of the best places we can do this is that church on Sunday. There we hear the Gospel message, there we hear Jesus word. And Jesus, only Jesus, has the words of eternal life. He loves you, he forgives you, and he has won for you eternal salvation. Amen.

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