I Wish I Could Start Over

Romans 6:4

The other day I was working on a project for our kitchen cabinets. I had to drill holes for new handles on the doors. As I started to drill some of those holes the drill bit would slip and I would just get so frustrated. There were times that I just wished I could start that hole again. But I couldn’t.

If I’m honest I’ll admit there are days that I felt like that. I just wish I could start over again. Maybe if we even looked at our life we would love the chance to do it all again, do it all differently this time.

You have that chance.

God gives it to you in Jesus and specifically he gives you that fresh start that new life in the waters of baptism. In Romans chapter 6 verse 4 we read

We were therefore buried with him by this baptism into his death, so that just as he was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too would also walk in a new life. (Romans 6:4)

In the waters of baptism God connects us so intimately with Jesus that his death is our death and his resurrection is our resurrection to new life. In those waters he washes away all of the sins of your past, he blots them out from God’s mind so that in God’s eyes you’re holy.

But God also does something else through the waters of baptism: he empowers us with a new life of Jesus. He strengthens us to turn over a new leaf and to start a new life. May God grant you his holy spirit and strengthen you in your faith so that you would get to live every day as a new day. Amen.

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