The Lord is My Shepherd, I Lack Nothing

Psalm 23:1

During the third or fourth week in Easter in many of our churches we celebrate something known as Good Shepherd Sunday. When we think of the Good Shepherd it’s hard not to think of the most famous of all of the Psalms of the Bible, Psalm 23, that says “the Lord is my shepherd.” It’s an incredibly comforting Psalm.

I’d like to take you through that Psalm verse by verse over my next six devotions as we focus on God as our Good Shepherd. So that very famous song begins

The Lord is my shepherd.
I lack nothing.
(Psalm 23:1)

Those are powerful words and with God as our Shepherd we don’t need anything else he provides everything that we need. It gives us that picture of him is a shepherd. What does a shepherd do for his sheep? The shepherd provides for the sheep, feeding them, but also protects them from harm and danger, cares for them, doesn’t he?

God truly provides for us throughout our lives and so often when we look at our own life we think of the long list of the things that we lack, right? In the Psalm it says “I lack nothing,” but we’d say “well there’s a lot of things I think that I lack.”

I wish I was more popular or I wish I had more friends. I wish had more money. I wish my relationships were better, or I had better health, or so many other things in our life that we think that we lack. But with God we lack nothing. God provides for our physical needs. He gives us the basic necessities of life, food and clothing, but more importantly he provides for our spiritual needs.

In fact he has taken on the greatest evil: sin, death, and the devil and put them far away from us that we need not fear them. He has done it through Jesus Christ who himself is our Good Shepherd, has laid down his life for the sheep. If you think about it, with God and what he has done for us there’s truly nothing more that we need. We have everything that we need for this life and for eternity in God who is our Good Shepherd. Amen.

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