Mark 9:24

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Let me ask you a few questions.

Are you a Viking fan or are you a Packer fan?

Do you like summer or do you like the winter, do you like the cold?

Are you a drinking fountain person or do you call it a bubbler?

Life is full of legitimate either/or questions and they belong that way. You can only be one thing or the other.

Sometimes we find ourselves lured into believing something is an either/or when it’s a both. The life of Christian faith is not either a life where we find perfect belief and never any doubts or a life of unbelief where it’s all doubts and nothing else. The desperate father who comes to Jesus, begging Jesus to heal his demon-possessed son, he says it in prayer more perfectly than we could ever come up with. He says it this way:

Lord I believe, help my unbelief. –Mark 9:24

That is the life of a believing Christian. A life that is certain that what God has done for them in Christ is done. And a life at the same time that constantly struggles with doubt and an unbelief.

So when you recognize that your life is a life that is filled both with trust that God is your savior from sin and a life that is full of doubts and despairs, distractions from what God has done for you, then know that you are merely a Christian who is alive, who is living, and who recognizes exactly what all Christians have this side of heaven. That it’s both both faith in Christ and a rescue from our desperations of unbelief.

God rescue you back to himself in Jesus Christ. Amen.