Prayer Life


Psalm 119:171

Have you ever wished that your prayer life was more fluent? Came about more easily? Naturally?

It’s a natural thing for a Christian to want or desire such a thing, to be more fluent or efficient in prayer.

We can learn something about this though by learning how little children become fluent in speaking or talking. If you’ve ever witnessed it while children grow up in your own house you realize it’s an extremely patient thing and the ears are the most vital thing of all. They listen for weeks and months, maybe even more than a year, with their ears before any actual words come out of their mouths.

And to know just how vital this ear function is to speaking we can also see that if someone loses the ability to hear that very much impacts their ability to speak and talk as well.

When you and I desire to be more fluent in prayer and praise and thanksgiving, really what we’re wanting is for our ears to be filled with what God says to us. The psalmist says it this way:

My lips will pour forth praise, for you teach me your statutes. – Psalm 119:171

When the Lord fills our ears with his words and his ways, when he tells us who he is as our Creator and our preserver, when he reminds us of what he has done for us in the work of his son redeeming us by his blood, when he speaks to us through the Holy Spirit and comforts our afflicted consciences with his work for us, then our lips opening up and pouring forth with praise and thanksgiving and prayer to.

So dear Christian, let your ears be filled with who God is for you or then your lips will pour forth with praise. Amen.

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