Your Heart’s Desire


Psalm 90:12

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A parent, maybe more likely a grandparent, might walk the young child into a candy store, show them the glass cases full of every kind of candy you can imagine, and then simply ask them “what is your heart’s desire?” What is your heart’s desire? If it were me, they would take me to a butcher shop. And they would show me all of the meat behind the glass case, and say “What is your heart’s desire?”

We recognize in a previous devotion that faith is likened to a heart, to a human heart. However, if Christian faith is likened to a human heart we might simply be left with the common English way of talking about hearts. And especially heart’s desires. And that might be what we want, desperately, or what our passions are. What drives us. Might even have to include our lusts or the things that we want that perhaps we shouldn’t want.

So we know that that’s not what Christian faith is. What do we have to understand then about what heart, what our Christian heart desires?

We learn about this from the psalmist.

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. (Psalm 90:12)

Hearts of wisdom. That’s what the Bible tells us that Christian heart desires. Not specifically our own desires, our own wants, but it wants to be wise according to the Lord’s wisdom. And this has to do with learning to count.

Learning to number, to number our days not specifically to count up all of our days and see how full we can make each one of them, as if filling up our days with all of the most pleasing things we can think of is the end goal of Christian faith, but rather to count down our days. Rather to count down toward that day when our Lord will take us from this body and life and deliver us finally to the eternal paradise with him forever in eternity.

The Christian heart of faith desires to be taught to be wise according to the numbering of days. Learning to count down toward our Lord’s rescue of us from this body of life to himself and Heaven. Lord, teach us to number our days aright.