Who is the Peace Maker?

Matthew 5:9

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Who’s the peacemaker in your family? Some families the peacemaker is the middle child the one who always feels like they have to just make sure that everybody stays happy. But is that really what Jesus is talking about in Matthew in the Beatitudes when he says

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. (Matthew 5:9)

Perhaps sometimes we think more of peace keepers the people who just try to make everybody happy. But that’s not what Jesus is talking about, that’s not what Jesus especially leads us to be as Christians. But he blesses us as we’re peace makers. Making peace with each other. But how is that even possible?

Because Christ is the ultimate peace maker. The Bible says that we were born into this world hostile to God, enemies of him, there was no peace, but Christ is our peace. He nailed our sins to the cross so that all the hostility could be nailed to the cross so that he could make us at peace with God.

That wasn’t a peaceful process having Christ nailed with our sins to the cross. It was terrible, it was destructive, but it was what needed to happen for our sins to be punished so that we could be at peace with God. Because He forgives us.

So what does peace making look like now? What might it look like in your life? It might not just be being quiet and keeping the peace, but maybe sometimes it’s pointing out sinful attitudes so that there can be repentance and there can be forgiveness. Sometimes it’s recognizing the sinful attitudes that we have so that we can ask for forgiveness so that there can be peace in our relationships. Peace that can only be achieved through Christ.

Blessed are the peacemakers. They’ll be called sons of God. And that’s what we are. Children of the father.