Thirst for Righteousness

Matthew 5:6

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Hi there. During my vicar year when I was studying to be a pastor, my internship year, we got to go and live for a year in Colorado. And one of the first things they tell you there, it’s a dry climate, so they tell you over and over drink a lot of water. And it’s true you need to. You get thirsty and you just have to drink and if you don’t you’re just going to get more and more dry and you know if you just stop drinking water altogether anywhere it results in death.

Jesus in the Beatitudes today tells us that we should be thirsty, but he’s not talking about water in Matthew chapter 5 verse 6 he says

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, (Matthew 5:6)

That we hunger and thirst for Christ’s righteousness. Maybe a side note, but I still think about Colorado and the thirst, but then also the hunger. Thinking about something that really fills you up right. And I remember a restaurant called Mercedes that had authentic breakfast burritos. Green chilies, just so good it would fill you up just right in the morning, but Jesus is talking about being filled up with his righteous.

Recognizing on our own we’re empty and we’re starving and the only one who can really fill us up is Christ. We have a negative bank account. There’s nothing righteous on our own, but Christ came and lived a perfect life for us and credits all of his righteousness to our account and we just hunger for that. To have his righteousness and then being filled with his righteousness. We can show righteousness to others. Do what is right in this world. Stand up for what is right. And we will be filled. We have been filled by Christ.