Why Would God Want Me?

Isaiah 43:1

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When I was a child some of my friends who lived in town would collect aluminum cans. After they had a bag full or enough, they would take it to a place that would buy the cans back. They would be redeemed. Obviously the person that bought the cans wanted them badly enough to pay for them. And so, he bought them back.

Someone wants you badly enough that he was willing to pay for you. This is what the Lord says in Isaiah chapter 43.

Do not be afraid, because I have redeemed you. I have called you by name. You are mine. (Isaiah 43:1)

God wanted you so badly that he was willing to buy you back at a great price. He sent His Son Jesus to live and die for you so that you could be his very own possession. And maybe you’re wondering, why would God want to do that for me? When you look inside yourself you’re going to struggle to find a reason. When we look inside we see how we’ve failed God. How we’ve failed to be the person we’re supposed to be. There’s no reason in us that God should want us to be his. So reason must be in God. And it is.

God has chosen to love you. Not because you deserve it. Simply because he chose to do it. And he sent Jesus to take away your sins so that you could really be his. He was willing to pay so much, so that you could be assured of his love and forgiveness.

So don’t be afraid. You are his says the Lord. Trusts that God has redeemed you in Jesus. That you are precious in His sight. Amen.