Comfort Your Children


Psalm 50:15

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We’re living in a time of high anxiety and this often also affects our little ones, our children. They sense the fear and distress going on around us, as parents and as family members, what should we say to them? How do we address these things concerning the coronavirus? And all of the fear out there in our world today?

How does God speak to us when we face difficult, challenging things? It’s interesting in God’s Word he speaks to us words of incredible comfort, especially when we are afraid. When we are fearful, when we are running for our lives. In fact God’s people throughout the scriptures, whenever things were falling apart, God invited them “come to me” as a tender loving father. He was there for them and he would speak to them. God invites us

Call upon me in the day of trouble. I will deliver you, and you will honor me. (Psalm 50:15)

That same comfort that God shares with us through his Word is the comfort that we want to share and express also to our little ones and to our children. We can point them back to the fact that they are loved by God. God baptized them. His name is written upon their hearts. Their names are written onto the palm of his hand. They have comfort and assurance in the face of all of this distress and trouble that surround us as well.

We have our Lord Jesus who has come into this world to help us. He came also for little children. He invited little children to come to him. And we bring our little children to him as we sit down and we open God’s Word and we point to the fact that even through all of the trouble and distress that this world is facing, he is here with us. He has made us right with God. He has brought us peace with God with his holy life, with his death on the cross, with his resurrection. We have comfort, we have peace.

Through all of these things our children can also find comfort. We can point them back into God’s Word, to the promises that he has made, that he will never leave us or forsake us. And we can offer our prayers with our children as well. Lead them in prayer. Bring up our anxieties before God. He wants to hear them and he promises to answer us. And he promises through all of these things, even through the coronavirus, to work good for his people and for his kingdom.

These are things that we can do to comfort our own children and little ones that we have around us. Let us pray.

Heavenly Father, we ask you to grant us guidance and wisdom as we serve the little ones that you have given to us. Help us to grant them comfort and the peace that comes from you. Amen.