Jesus’ Purpose

John 3:17

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Very few credible historians today deny that a man named Jesus lived in first century Palestine. The debate over Jesus is not whether he existed or lived. It’s his purpose.

Some look at Jesus as a great moral teacher or a philosopher. Maybe would say a guru. That if you follow you’ll have a good life. But is that Jesus purpose? If Jesus purpose is to show us how to live so that we can have a good life, how well would you be doing?

Jesus was perfect. He loved God and his neighbor without fault. How well have you done that? When we look at Jesus as a moral teacher. What we really see is that he condemns us. Because we can never ever meet his standard. But notice what Jesus said his purpose is. In John Chapter 3 verse 17 it says:

For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. (John 3:17)

Jesus did come to live a perfect life and I suppose in one sense it is an example. But that’s not the chief sense. Jesus came to live for you. God knew that you have failed to live the way that he desires and will continue to do so. And so he sent someone to live for you.

Jesus has kept God’s law perfectly and now you have a perfect life that you can hold on to. When you feel your guilt pulling you down as you fail again and again, look to Jesus. There you will find the righteousness that you need.

Jesus also died on the cross to take away all of that guilt. And through Jesus life and death God has saved you. God has made it possible for you to be with him in heaven. So look to Jesus. Don’t look to him as a moral guide or a philosopher or a guru. Look to him as your savior then you will have peace in this life. Amen.